Natalia Carminati

Artist bio/statement

Her work focuses on the development of multidisciplinary projects that are driven by the investigation of elements and behaviours that define cultural identity and sociocultural reality. Thus isolating these elements and behaviours from their usual context allows her to transform them both visually and conceptually.

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Sand Walk: Love struggling against Time

Work statement

“Each act is virgin, even the repeated act.” (René Char)

Sand Walk is a multimedia project that integrates performance, installation, video live stream and sound experimentation. The performance consists of a rhythm of 64 actions performed “as if about to catch the train” (J. Cage). The intention of the body is to achieve emasculation by means of repetition in order to reach to the intrinsic gesture of each action, devoid of the performer’s personality and emptied of interpretation.

Manifiesto de obra

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