(C) Nina Maskiel & Mishka Beckmann

Nina Maskiell & Mishka Beckmann

Artist bio/statement

Nina Maskiell is a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT and has exhibited her work in various group shows, festivals, events and publications in Melbourne, Sydney and abroad. Nina works with soft sculpture, wearable art, sound and performance and approaches her practice as a catalyst for self-exploration and change. She often creates fictional characters that she performs as, to shift her own perspective of herself and explore her ideas surrounding identity, femininity, nature, the body and technology.
Mishka Beckmann is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of puppetry, blacksmithing, costume design, illustration, dance, choreography and storytelling. Mishka’s film practice draws on psychotherapy techniques developed during her practice as an art therapist. Under the lens of unconditional positive regard she creates a sense of safety in which to reveal the true strangeness and vulnerability of humanity. Her film series, Movement Portraits, uses body language and dance to tell complex human stories without words.

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Work statement

Puncture is a collaborative video work made by Nina Maskiell and filmmaker Mishka Beckmann. The work was conceived following on from an artist residency program that Nina attended in Barcelona in 2018 at the Transpecies Society, that is the social project of the Cyborg Foundation. It led to discussions with Mishka about identity, transhumanism, the subversion of body ideals and beauty norms. Conceptually, it is an expression of self-exploration and aims to subvert and disrupt the body. Through movement and texture, the body is extended beyond its own perceived identity. A disfigured character exists in an undefined space exploring its form and potential for experimentation as the body prepares itself to become a testing ground for change.

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