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The debate on the usefulness of art is vague. But there is one thing clear: “art is not only a decorative object” or a speculative act.
El artículo 56.3 de la Constitución española dicta que “La persona del Rey es inviolable y no está sujeta a responsabilidad”. Este hecho hace que el principio básico de igualdad de toda democracia se vaya al traste.
While in recent years HIV has become a controlled pathology that is not serious and countless studies show that effective treatment means that people who carry the virus do not transmit it, society has lagged behind.
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¿Dónde quedaron los afectos? ¿Dónde fueron a parar los besos de cariño, los abrazos cómplices, las miradas brillantes y las caricias de ternura?

La realidad de ser un hombre que tiene sexo con hombres no es fácil en nuestra sociedad materialista y consumista de la inmediatez. El marketing -que moviliza todo- se cuela hasta en nuestros anhelos afectivos. Llegamos a cosificar nuestros cuerpos hasta el extremo de despiezarlos en subproductos humanos para el consumo bajo demanda.

El destierro de los afectos de nuestros cuerpos y de nuestras relaciones no-sexuales nos han convertido en objetos de una mera transacción comercial, efímera e hiperconsumista. Nos hemos deshumanizado en pro del neoliberalismo sexual.

¿Dónde quedaron los afectos? ¿Tal vez estén enterrados en el pozo sin fondo de nuestros deseos más íntimos? ¿Un pozo en el que resuena el eco de nuestro vacío interior?

Paradójicamente nos encontramos con un panorama social que requiere de interacciones afectivas y de vínculos fuertes que nos ayuden a sobrellevar las numerosas crisis que sufrimos, junto con las adversidades de un sistema hostil.

¿Dónde quedaron mis afectos? Esos que nunca di por miedo, por dudas o por vergüenza.

Por eso aquí y ahora te ofrezco TODOS MIS AFECTOS.
La flexión del yo
Performance experiments during quarantine for coronavirus pandemic.
The mystical powers of Priapus, God of fertility in ancient Greece, have been overwhelmed. As an ancient ceremony, the fertility that emanates from his entrails elevated the level of world population to an extreme not yet seen until this moment.
It is incredible the impact of social networking on today’s society. We are currently carrying, virtually, all of humanity in our pocket. Without reaching this extreme, we are connected to hundreds of people 24/7, every day of the year. Without being able to be with ourselves: to think.
There are someones in the Church that wear very bad habits.
Alone in front of the camera, with no shield but his own nakedness, the artist moves to the world of “Explorers”, an intimate and imaginary space where he can unleash his imagination. He transforms himself into a self-explorer, an obsessive researcher striving to capture every gesture, movement, expression… Each wink, each light and each shadow.
Time took him hostage. He was trapped and used as a puppet. But he wanted to escape. So he realized only way to escape, is not tied to time.
Sergio es un actor fracasado. El mundo le ha dado la espalda y le ha enseñado la cruda realidad:la vida de ensueño que le vendieron por la tele se pierde en el horizonte de lo inalcanzable. Él nos invita a entrar en su cuarto para olvidarnos de ese mundo y sumergirnos por un momento en el suyo.
Naked through the forest
Two concepts completely different. Two pairs of hands far from each other. Without more defense than themselves, the Pianist and The Onanist are facing loneliness separately. Thus shake hands in the distance to make a SOLO.
Each day gays around the world keep casual sex without any mediation than their own flesh. Strangers maintaining relationships entirely impersonal. An extensive menu of mindless bodies are available 24/7.
Power needs an ally to perpetuate itself. From Royal Guard until modern police of today, they always had been to service of power.
We are born classifiers. We divide good from bad, and healthy from harmful. We also divided by gender: men and women, boys and girls. The human mind tends to categorize. It is an unconscious mechanism that helps us to relate with the world around us.
Religion constitutes an anachronism in a society that considers itself scientifically and socially advanced. Myths and legends that form the scriptures contradict all scientific literature and nowadays’ knowledge.



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