Autoreverse Vol. I, video art, 2011

1 self; same; of or by the same one autobiography
2 acting from or occurring within; self-caused
3 self-propelling; automatic
1 to turn or set in an opposite direction, order, or position
2 to change into something different or contrary; alter completely
also intr to move or cause to move backwards or in an opposite direction
4 to run (machinery, etc.) in the opposite direction to normal
5 to turn inside out

Time took him hostage. He was trapped and used as a puppet. But he wanted to escape. So he realized only way to escape, is not tied to time.

pref. que significa ‘propio’ o ‘por sí mismo’
m. Parte opuesta al frente de una cosa,revés.

El Tiempo me tomó como rehén. Me aprisionó y me usó a su antojo, como si de una marioneta se tratara. Pero yo quería escapar. Entonces me di cuenta de que la única manera de ser libre era no aferrándome al Tiempo.

Autoreverse Vol. II, video art, 2012

Autoreverse Vol. I, still frames, 2012

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September 2014 at Flux Club into Antic Teatre Barcelona (ES)
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