incompleto, ta
adj. No completo, defectuoso, imperfecto. RAE

Quisiera hablar sobre el anhelo, esa sensación que hace sentirse incompleto o que algo falta, sin saber qué. Es como si al rompecabezas de la felicidad le faltase una pieza.

El anhelo nos impulsa a buscar e intentar alcanzar nuestros objetivos, pero al mismo tiempo puede desembocar en un estado de melancolía y ansiedad por no poder disfrutar de aquello a lo que se aspira.

Incomplete es un pequeño ensayo sobre esa sensación, la sed de sentirse incompleto, la amputación del alma.

adj. Not having all the necessary or appropriate parts. OXFORD DICTIONARY

I would like to talk about desire, the sensation that makes one feel incomplete without knowing why. It is as if the happiness puzzle is missing a piece.

Desire drives us to look for and try to achieve our objectives but at the same time, can lead to a state of melancholy and anxiety for fear of not being able to enjoy what we aspire to.

Incomplete is a small essay on this feeling, the thirst of feeling incomplete, the amputation of the soul.

Technical data

YEAR: 2015
SIZE: FHD1920x1080px
SOUND: Stereo
LENGTH: 5:50


ALBERT RODA (Music), JUANJO SÁNCHEZ (Production assistant), DIDAC ALCOBA (Photography), MARC SIRISI and ALEIX BARBA (Filming), and POL GOREZJE (Documentaries and making-of photography).


Flux 2015 [Arts Santa Mònica] Barcelona (ES), Festival IVAHM [Centro de Artes de Vanguardia La Neomudejar] Madrid (ES) video art, from December 2015 to May 2016
INTO UNTITLED EXHIBITION(ISM) at SALA GÒTICA – Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs Lleida (ES), From July to September 2015

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Graphic documentation

Incomplete by Miguel Andrés, video art, excerpt, 2015

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