¿Dónde quedaron los afectos? ¿Dónde fueron a parar los besos de cariño, los abrazos cómplices, las miradas brillantes y las caricias de ternura?

La realidad de ser un hombre que tiene sexo con hombres no es fácil en nuestra sociedad materialista y consumista de la inmediatez. El marketing -que moviliza todo- se cuela hasta en nuestros anhelos afectivos. Llegamos a cosificar nuestros cuerpos hasta el extremo de despiezarlos en subproductos humanos para el consumo bajo demanda.

La sociedad de consumo ha penetrado en nuestra forma de ser, de estar y de relacionarnos con nuestros cuerpos, propios y ajenos. ¿Acaso este sistema ha modificado la vinculación que poseemos con nuestro propio cuerpo? ¿Qué papel ha asumido el cuerpo en los últimos tiempos? ¿Cómo observamos e interactuamos con los otros cuerpos?

While in recent years HIV has become a controlled pathology that is not serious and countless studies show that effective treatment means that people who carry the virus do not transmit it, society has lagged behind.
Stigma remains between our HIV-positive bodies and, with it, rejection.

The other pandemic has been going on for 40 years, has infected 78 million people and claimed 39 million lives. We no longer talk about the other pandemic, there is only a distorted memory of the 90s.
The other pandemic, that of HIV, continues to kill people in developing countries, even though there is an effective battery of drugs that controls the disease. In developed countries, those infected do not die, they lead “normal” lives, but invisible.

Six Colors of Separation is a performative experiment that investigates the oppression exerted on LGTBIQ+ people, in its different degrees, by societies, institutions and the collusion between them.

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Scanning myself is a research about body and self-identity through light.

Performance experiments during quarantine for coronavirus pandemic.

Gone are the affection, the care, the empathy and the feeling of oppressed community. Today, being a Cisgendered man who has sex with equals (MSM) means being immersed in a way of life that revolves around sex. The collective is hypersexualised and it is difficult to escape this dynamic. Our value as individuals and our self-esteem is measured by the number of sexual conquests we maintain.

Action to denounce the homophobic attacks that are increasingly occurring in Spain.

While in recent years HIV has become a controlled pathology that is not serious and countless studies show that effective treatment means that people who carry the virus do not transmit it, society has lagged behind.

Our obsession with time has been known for centuries. Time is measured, fractioned and standardized to synchronize humanity. Gadgets of all kinds have arisen to carry out this task. From the rudimentary sundial to the atomic pointer clock, through sand, rope and quartz.

The work of many artists, especially those from the LGBTIQ+ collective, is censored when it reaches social networks. The body seems to be somewhat obscene to the moral standards of these companies.

El artículo 56.3 de la Constitución española dicta que “La persona del Rey es inviolable y no está sujeta a responsabilidad”. Este hecho hace que el principio básico de igualdad de toda democracia se vaya al traste.

Parece no tener sentido que en un estado aconfesional sus ciudadanos tengan que verse enjuiciados por ofensas a los sentimientos religiosos. Esto pasa en la España europea y es la hostia.

Can you imagine that democracy only consisted in depositing a piece of paper in an urn every four years and then remaining on the sidelines of political life? And if democracy were only a scam? Can you imagine?

“Return to Multiverso” se trata de una nueva versión de “Multiverso”, una acción anterior de la artista Marta Pinilla. En “Multiverso”, los performers acababan de atravesar un agujero negro y se encontraban en una universo paralelo.

Islamophobia is one of the main drivers of radicalisation in young Westerners of Muslim origin. The exclusion and stigmatization of this group in Western countries generates individuals vulnerable to the promises of an Islamic caliphate.

Art brings great value to society, from beauty to ideas and discourses that are not dealt with in other areas. Nevertheless, the promotion of the arts is still in crisis and institutions are washing their hands of it. Art seems to be superfluous in this society just when we need it most.

Performative action against HIV stigma.

HIV is a chronic disease that is not more serious under appropriate supervision and treatment. HIV-positive people on undetectable viral load do not transmit the virus.

Every boat that comes ashore off the European coast, every group of displaced people looking for a safe place to live is an echo of a conflict that is still raging and in which all international laws on political asylum are being violated. The echoes from Syria.

We live in a society that censors the body as if it were illegal. A cultural burden that we carry with us from Judeo-Christian origins and that considers the body as something sinful.

Honestly, I was looking for a piece that didn’t need explanation or synopsis. A personal piece. Only because I want to, because I can.
Something to express myself without words. To explore my emotions, my love and my hate; the deepest parts of me.

There are places where you have lived many thing and when you leave them a part of you stays there.

HIV has evolved from a deadly disease to a manageable disease with a good quality of life and favorable prognosis. Yes, in rich countries, because in poor countries people continue to die of AIDS.

(The objectification of the bodies) Sexual objectification takes place when the person is attributed to the condition of sexual object. Dissociating the sexual sexes and the physical beauty of the rest of the personality and existence as an individual.

It is incredible the impact of social networking on today’s society. We are currently carrying, virtually, all of humanity in our pocket. Without reaching this extreme, we are connected to hundreds of people 24/7, every day of the year. Without being able to be with ourselves: to think.

Five hundred years before Christ was built the Via Salaria, a causeway that ran from the salt flats of the city of Ostia to Castrum Truentinum. Soldiers who took care of the road received part of the salary. This one was called Salarium Argentum, that is, salt money.

A cosmic Nebula seems like a star. It gives birth to new elements which in turn will give way to life. All this life that existed, exists and will exist is made up of the same stardust that arose eons ago.

Dialogue about excesses
Acronym for OH MY GOD! (OMG!)

Do the work no longer necessary since Duchamp proposed his first ready-mades. Any object out of context could become art. Everyday ordinary objects rise to special status when are used in an artistic manifestation. But this art requires an infrastructure to exist.


The mystical powers of Priapus, God of fertility in ancient Greece, have been overwhelmed. As an ancient ceremony, the fertility that emanates from his entrails elevated the level of world population to an extreme not yet seen until this moment.

«Panem et circenses» (literalmente «pan y circo») es una locución latina peyorativa de uso actual que describe la práctica de un gobierno que, para mantener tranquila a la población u ocultar hechos controvertidos, provee a las masas de alimento y entretenimiento de baja calidad y con criterios asistencialistas.»

I would like to talk about desire, the sensation that makes one feel incomplete without knowing why. It is as if the happiness puzzle is missing a piece.

Dialogue about egocentrism of artists

We all have opinions on everything. Each have their own speeches, some more correct than others. So each to their own mental jerk offs.

Let me tell you a tale. No, better. Let me tell you six little tales about how sweet is sex. Because sugar and sex take the same brain reward system. Then, let me tell you Little Sweet Sex Tales.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is being systematically cut, article by article. From the institutions that are supposed to watch over it, whether by action or omission.

The debate on the usefulness of art is vague. But there is one thing clear: “art is not only a decorative object” or a speculative act.

Love of today must to be served in very thin slices, sparing in love and human warmth. A good stream of lemon -and a pinch of coarse salt- is recommended on this contemporary love, so that it shines more.

From all fronts we receive inputs, opinions and sentences of what we can do and what we can’t do. This constant denial makes us easy prey of discouragement and we end up internalizing our inabilities. But what if we were able to persist in our attempts and say no to no?

The largest building of the complex is now the Creation Factory of Barcelona. As a resident I decided to make the most of the spaces that were offered. Rodar (in Spanish rodar means film and roll) in all of them, albeit with some obstacles. And so this I did, rodar.

Anatomía del cerdo (Anatomy of the pig) is a figurative research about meat production. At the same time it proposes to human being like a piece of meat that can be produced and consumed.

Like in a public auction artist is exposed and available to buyers. As in real life we sell our time, our body and our emotions to highest bidder. Doesn’t matter what we desire. Our destiny is at the mercy of our buyer. It leaves us in a state of helplessness. We are sold.

The world always was characterized by differences between North and South, being the last poor countries. In a Europe without borders an imaginary line is drawn with a pencil called GDP, the EUROFRONTERA (Euroborder).

Sometimes art seems pointless. The artist can create his conceptual reasoning, but it is the viewer who ultimately gives meaning to the work creating a dialogue between both.

A non-performance by Miguel Andrés.

Every system requires a set of established basis that supports it and prevents its collapse. Definitely the socioeconomic system that shelters humans is not exempt from these rules.

Fountain takes as start point the eponymous and iconic work of Duchamp. Doing a face-to-face with such famous piece to generate a dialog through time and between artists.

Religion constitutes an anachronism in a society that considers itself scientifically and socially advanced. Myths and legends that form the scriptures contradict all scientific literature and nowadays’ knowledge.

We are born classifiers. We divide good from bad, and healthy from harmful. We also divided by gender: men and women, boys and girls. The human mind tends to categorize. It is an unconscious mechanism that helps us to relate with the world around us.

Power needs an ally to perpetuate itself. From Royal Guard until modern police of today, they always had been to service of power.

Each day gays around the world keep casual sex without any mediation than their own flesh. Strangers maintaining relationships entirely impersonal. An extensive menu of mindless bodies are available 24/7.

Two concepts completely different. Two pairs of hands far from each other. Without more defense than themselves, the Pianist and The Onanist are facing loneliness separately. Thus shake hands in the distance to make a SOLO.

Naked through the forest

Sergio es un actor fracasado. El mundo le ha dado la espalda y le ha enseñado la cruda realidad:la vida de ensueño que le vendieron por la tele se pierde en el horizonte de lo inalcanzable. Él nos invita a entrar en su cuarto para olvidarnos de ese mundo y sumergirnos por un momento en el suyo.

Time took him hostage. He was trapped and used as a puppet. But he wanted to escape. So he realized only way to escape, is not tied to time.

Alone in front of the camera, with no shield but his own nakedness, the artist moves to the world of “Explorers”, an intimate and imaginary space where he can unleash his imagination. He transforms himself into a self-explorer, an obsessive researcher striving to capture every gesture, movement, expression… Each wink, each light and each shadow.

There are someones in the Church that wear very bad habits.